5 Things I’ve Learnt Hiking on Trailhead

  1. Choose your own battles

As with many things in life, it’s important to select the right battles to engage in. With Trailhead, you can select topics and modules based on your role in the company as well as the level of difficulty. If you’re just starting out as an Admin like I am, choose the Beginner module for Administrators. A Pro Developer? Don’t sweat it, the Advanced Developer trail is the way to go. Otherwise, you may go ahead and choose whichever modules that may tickle your fancy. If you’ve done it all, don’t fret for you can be the detective that every organization needs. Find out all about event monitoring here.


  1. No IT knowledge? No problem.

Not everybody who uses Salesforce is a tech expert, we know. That’s not an issue. Trailhead simplifies everything into layman’s terms, so it’s a lot easier to understand and grasp whatever’s going on. As a complete novice in the field of tech, I’ve heard ‘API’ thrown around rather often but it’s only once I’ve seen it in Trailhead’s layman’s terms that I had a Eureka moment.


  1. Take in information in bite-sized portions

For all the non-tech users out there, learning about programming and technology can be intimidating at times. Thankfully, Trailhead makes grasping concepts a lot more manageable by providing lessons in bite sized portions. Each module comes in several 10 to 20-minute units, allowing for quick and easy understanding. Sometimes, chowing down a few sliders is much easier than downing a whole burger at once.


  1. It’s more fun having a goal to work towards

Most of us are drawn to incentives. And at Trailhead, incentives come in the form of points and badges. To get them, all you need is take up the challenge(s) at the end of each unit. Challenges can either be several multiple choice questions or a mission where you need to complete tasks in your Salesforce Developer Edition. Accomplish them all and you’ll be rewarded handsomely in the form of badges. To pin them or to hide them, your choice. Just so you know, there can never be one too many skills.


  1. There’s room for Salesforce in many organizations

One thing that stood out for me while using Trailhead is that Salesforce can play many roles in multiple organizations. The module on discovering Use Cases depicted how various departments can use this tool. It was a perfect opportunity to witness in-depth how HR, IT, Operations and other divisions could use the same system in different ways. There’s even Salesforce for nonprofit organizations. It’s all about seeing the big picture. And once you’ve mastered it, you’ll definitely see the overall value of Salesforce.

Learning shouldn’t be difficult. In fact, learning can be fun and enjoyable once you’ve found a way to learn it. Despite being a powerful CRM system, Salesforce is easy to pick up with the help of Trailhead.

Happy trailing!

Written by:
Cheryl Lee
Junior Software System Application Tester

We hope you have enjoyed our article, stay tuned for our next piece. If you are keen to further discuss how ACG can help in your organisation today, please feel free to reach out to us and we will help you in the best way we can.

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