After Hours: Spotify Malaysia, I’ve got your message loud and clear.

In such hazerdous times, even while hiding indoors to get away from the bad air, we see the occasional complaint report on what unhealthy levels the Pollutant Standards Index (PSI) has reached, how bad the visibility has become, who needs to stop setting fires 🔥  to what.

While waiting for the ashes to settle, Spotify Malaysia has come up with a pretty cool playlist to take our mind off the negativity around us. Pretty sure we can all relate to the list of songs, unless you were the one to set the fire, or already strapped on a N97 face mask or industrial grade gas mask, whichever suits your OOTD.

So (especially the dedicated Pokémon Go trainers), let’s sit back, relax, and enjoy the music with a nice bottle of liang teh (cooling herbal tea) to fight the heat and toxic air out there.

Spotify_MY - Hazed

Written by:
Grace Goh
Marketing Consultant

This article is part of the “After Hours” series. These are views and opinions of the individual writers on lighthearted issues and are not in any way representative of the awesome work they can do at exceptional levels of professionalism. 

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